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December 1, 2017: After 14 months of production, we are proud to finally present "The Gang Wars: Days of Future Mike!" Will you fight for Shenmue III, or fight for the future? Choose a side! NOTE: This will not be an actual full-length movie, it's just a trailer.

November 27, 2016: Gang Entertainment​ is back! Terry​ has finally returned home from his travels abroad...but will anybody care?

October 19, 2015: Ryo Has Come To.

August 1, 2015: With the recent announcement of the REAL Shenmue III, we're pleased to also announce a special blu-ray release of Shenmue: The Gang Edition Trilogy! Head to the store for more details!

March 9, 2014: Don't call it a comeback...but after years of procrastination, we are proud to finally release a new demo of our Shenmue: The Gang Edition RPG! You can now follow Ryo's quest into Dobuita! Download it on the Stuff page!

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Gang Entertainment is a collaborative group of independent filmmakers based in Chicago, IL. Our production crew includes a wide variety of talented people, from writers, artists and directors to composers, editors, and actors. After pursuing our education in film production, we've expanded into the professional world in many ways, from local event videography studios to Hollywood movie production assistants. The core of our independent work in the past has been a comedic take on our real-life experiences, along with creating humorous spoofs of our favorite movies and video games. Here at our site, we present all of our videos for your entertainment. DVDs of our work are on sale in our humble store for anyone who wishes to support our future productions. As we pursue our professional careers, we are always open to new ideas on just how we can reach a larger audience. Drop an e-mail to if you're interested in helping us expand our operation.
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